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       Analytical Solutions for Photovoltaic Components


NEW PAPER   "Comparative Failure Analysis of Photovoltaic Devices" -- ISTFA 2009





Our solutions are modular from low cost CCD to full SIFT (TLS and LBIC methods) systems for laser injection evaluation.

INSB for thermal defect analysis in both forward and reverse bias conditions with thermal sensitivities well below 1 mK using our proprietary stabilized thermal process.

InGaAs or VisGaAs is better for production due to the speed of acquisition.  As a comparison -- A 1 second InGaAs exposure versus  4 minutes exposure using CCD at 50mA of forward bias drive current to the photocell.


BENCHTOP Portable Solar Component Inspection System, incorporating a Crystalvision InGaAs camera


Full dark-box 'fixed' microscope for probe-station based applications, equipped here with both InGaAs and SIFT cameras


Crystalvision software provides an advanced but intuitive interface for easy access to all analytical parameters



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